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Recycled Entertainment
Amarillo, TX

We’ll fix your system before you can say Super Saiyan

PS4 Repair
Xbox Repair

Nothing's worse than the heartbreak you feel when you push the button on your Xbox or PS4 and nothing happens. If you’re staring at a blank TV screen in despair, don’t panic – bring your broken console to Recycled Entertainment for fast, affordable PS4 repairs and Xbox repairs.

For more than a decade, we’ve been repairing consoles and buying and selling used video games in Amarillo, TX. Our repair experts will bring your console back to life so your character can eat mushrooms and jump turtles like normal.

Scratched Discs?

Scratched Discs?

Don't throw them out! Bring your damaged discs to Recycled Entertainment for quick disc repair!

Not only can Recycled Entertainment diagnose and repair broken consoles, we can also resurface DVDs, games, CDs and Blu-ray discs back to like-new condition.

Don’t let the need for a quick disc repair stop you from infiltrating Camp Omega or saving the princess. In addition to disc repair, Recycled Entertainment also carries a massive selection of used video games, consoles and accessories. As Amarillo’s leading video game store, we have something to strike everyone’s fancy. When your video game lag is killing your character more often than the bad guys, it’s time to bring your system or discs to Recycle Entertainment.