At Recycled Entertainment, Success is the Name of the Game

At Recycled Entertainment, Success is the Name of the Game

: Celebrating three expansions and years of gaming

What started as a weekend hobby at the Amarillo flea market has exploded and turned into a full-blown used video game store that’s repeatedly outgrown its surroundings.

Formed more than 10 years ago by Elesaio Maestas and his wife Jessica, three years after selling used video games and accessories at the flea market, a brick-and-mortar shop was opened.

The response was overwhelming and within six months, Recycled Entertainment outgrew the spot and moved to another within the same shopping center.

In one year, Recycled Entertainment also grew out of that spot and the company moved to its current Amarillo location.

We have a massive collection of accessories and retro and new generation games, as well as trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering, Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game and Pokemon Trading Card Game. We can also resurface CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray’s and repair old and new generation gaming consoles.

When you want to speak with experts in the Amarillo gaming community, come to Recycled Entertainment.