Storm the Castle Without Spending All Your Gold

Purchase your used video games from Recycled Entertainment and save!

To us, there’s nothing better than spending time dungeon crawling our way toward the College of Winterhold while trying to remain unseen by a Frost Troll. Unlike the situation in the province of Skyrim, however, you can’t just loot a dungeon when you’re low on funds.

That’s where Recycled Entertainment comes in. We’re Amarillo’s leading video game store with all the latest, and some of the greatest, used video games

If you can't make it into our physical location, you can enjoy picking up your favorite games from your mailbox by shopping online for card games, consoles and accessories.

Enter a new world at the push of a button

With a large gaming collection and knowledgeable staff, we’re sure to have something you’ll enjoy for hours. Recycled Entertainment in Amarillo, TX, carries a massive selection of games ranging from retro to new generation.

Put your deck up against an opponent's in a Magic: The Gathering tournament or hang out with your friends at a release party as we all wait for the next big game to drop. Whether you enjoy playing tradable card games like the Pokemon Trading Card Game or you prefer the non-stop excitement of a throwback hack ‘n’ slash like Dante’s Inferno, you’ll find affordable used video games and consoles at Recycled Entertainment.

Not only do we buy and sell used video games and consoles, we can repair a variety of old and new generation gaming systems.

Don’t forget about our new generation arcade room featuring all the latest consoles including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can even rent your favorite gaming system for $2 per hour or $5 per day.

Ready for a new kind of gaming store experience?

Ready for a new kind of gaming store experience?

Recycled Entertainment is more than your typical video game store. Our staff is known for having the best knowledge of video games in the Amarillo, TX, area and we’re not afraid to share. We started Recycled Entertainment to showcase our passion for video games and create a vital gaming community here in Amarillo, TX. Come chat with our gaming experts and we’ll answer your questions before pointing you toward a video game we’re sure you’ll love.

Blur the lines between gaming and reality by immersing yourself in a world like no other when you buy used video games from Recycled Entertainment.

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Friday Night Magic Only $5!

Friday Night Magic Only $5!

Every Friday @ 6:30 PM

Every Friday @ 6:30 PM

Free Standard @ 6:30
$5 Standard and Modern @ 6:30

Other Events:
Every Wednesday Commander @ 5:00
Every Thursday Modern @ 6:30

Fighting Tournaments

Every Saturday @ 1 pm

Not sure what is keeping you from playing your favorite games? Come in for fast, efficient troubleshooting, and our experts will let you know whether you are in need of a simple disc repair, or a console repair. Specializing in Xbox repairs and PS4 repairs.

*Arcade hours are 11:00am-8:00pm
*Rate is $4/hr